Over the last four years, finding and connecting with former students has been a priority for the School. To date, our lost alumni project has added details for 6,521 ‘missing’ Old Waconians to our alumni database using old records from the School archive. However, there are still thousands of Old Waconians that we need to trace.

Our aim is to try to get back in contact with as many of them as possible so that we can keep them informed about news from the School, send them our magazine and invite them to reunions and events.

Update Your Details

Whether you've recently moved or not been in touch with the School since you left, we want to hear from you.

Please keep us informed of any changes to your contact details and your preferred method of communication so we can continue to keep you informed of Old Waconian events, news about School and our latest projects.

Email er@chschool.co.uk or phone 0161 488 3341.

Where's the Old Wac?

All alumni data is securely held by the Cheadle Hulme School (the School) External Relations Office under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be treated confidentially and with the utmost respect. Data is obtained throughout the School’s relationships with alumni.

All data provided to the School will be used for purposes directly related to the interests of the School and its alumni. Any data held will not be disclosed to external organisations other than those acting as agents for the School. This includes mailing houses for the distribution of publications and wealth screening agencies to support the School’s fundraising efforts.

We may communicate with you in person, by phone, email and postal mail, except where you have expressed a preference not to be contacted in a specific way.